Puzzle Ring Solutions
Having trouble solving your puzzle ring?  No problem.  Here is a list of puzzle ring solutions
(with item numbers for ease of locating the correct solution for your particular ring)
4-Band Puzzle Rings All 4-band rings EXCEPT 4C3, 4F, 4CW and 4CHWB
4-band Puzzle Ring Item # 4c3 only
5-Band Puzzle Rings All 5-band rings except 5Q
5-Band Puzzle Ring Item #5Q only
6-Band Puzzle Rings Items # 6B, 6BWN, 6BWN-WB
6-Band Puzzle Ring Item # 6C3
6-Band Puzzle Rings Items #6, 6N, 6NSX, 6NX, 6T, 6TW2X, 6WA, 6WR, 61N, 6WB, 6WB-D
7-Band Puzzle Rings All 7-band rings EXCEPT 7Q, 7B, 7BQ, 7FD, 7FWA
7-Band Puzzle Ring Item # 7B
8-Band Puzzle Rings Items #8BA, 8BAW, 8BWN, 8BWN-WD, 8WB, 8WD-D
8-Band Puzzle Rings Items # 81N, 8N, 8NX, 8T, 8TWR, 8WA, 8TWB
9-Band Puzzle Ring Item # 9U
Chain Puzzle Rings All chain puzzle rings
10-Band Puzzle Ring Item #10WB
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